Multidisciplinary bass artist “Sin Aesthetic” is hitting the scene a force of nature, causing the irresistible urge to get low, throw some ass, & work them feet. Feel his hypnotic bass carry you through journeys most feral.

Hailing from Northern California, he is starting a fresh grass roots movement. Sin has nearly a decades experience DJing. A prominent West Coast underground figure, he sports a prolific catalog of originals, collabs, & bootlegs, with his best work still being prepped for release.

His story a struggle with climbing from poverty, breaking free from addiction, escaping a life of crime, even facing homelessness, & conquering his battles with ptsd & adhd, Sins strength of character is shown as he is reborn a phoenix rising from the ashes, dropping it fire af. Building a network of misfits, creating a safe space to call home.

His experience in the LA renegade rave circuit, street art scene, fashion scene, & dance culture brings a unique urban style that cuts through the static, representing how we do it in the westcoast.His visuals and androgynous look, often described as “slutty femboy” mixed with hood rat & his cutty punk roots, bring a unique highly developed aesthetic complete with his rap & street art alias tr4$h pr1nc3$$ & collaborations with a wide range of artists of many disciplines.

His music ranges from emo cry bangers, to heavy half time wook bass, to headbanging riddim. His live sets reflect this versatility as a staple in his life & his career as an artist.Watch the rose that is Sin blossom, & see his journey of rebirth as he breaks back into the scene!

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