He plugs away into the morning every night to bring this music to the misfits and the outcasts. to bring us all together under the sound of a hoodrat rave kid who refuses to let the world tell him what to do and who to be. This is the start of a rebellion and a revolution, of love, freedom of expression, being whoever you want to be and being accepted by others who stand under the same ideals. to create a space of peace, love, unity, respect, and headbanging. hop in the mosh pit with us and blast off.

Sin Aesthetic is a West Coast-based Bass Music producer. What sets him apart is the way he blends genres together to create new exciting styles for every track. he never uses to the same formula so you can always expect something new.

Formerly known as “The Music of Jack Pruett” and Collaborator on “Dimensional Ascention” He’s been around the block as Co-Host
of The Source on KVMR FM, founder of 530 Underground promotion, Co-Founder of Gucci Goth Collective, Co-Host and editor of Outside the Pages, now it is time to rise like a phoenix with the new persona “Sin Aesthetic” and the arts collective “Collaborative Geometry”.

For booking and remix inquires contact: sin.aesthetic.music@gmail.com

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